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How To: Schedule a Workflow on a Private Gallery

How To: Schedule a Workflow on a Private Gallery


Scheduling a workflow,application, or package on your company's Gallery allows you to automate a process at a given frequency, date, and/or time. Because your asset is running on a server machine, it will not matter if your computer is connected to a network, or even turned on. In this article, we will describe how to schedule a workflow on a private Gallery.




  • Alteryx Server≥ 11.0
  • Gallery scheduling enabled or Admin (Gallery Curator) permissions.




  1. A Gallery Curator must first enable the ability to schedule processes from the Gallery.
For versions 11.0 to 2020.1, after logging in, navigate to the Admin options and click on the Jobs tab on the left side. At the top of the page, you'll see a radio button allowing the feature to be turned on and off:
For versions 2020.2 and later, after logging in, navigate to the Admin options and click on the Configuration tab on the left side. Scroll down the page to the Gallery Settings section, where you'll see a toggle allowing the feature to be turned on and off:


2. Once this option is enabled, users will see an additional option when they select a workflow:




3. Selecting the Schedule option will cause scheduling options to appear, allowing users to select the frequency, timing, and other options related to their schedule:

1. Note: The Scheduler runs based on the time zone of the Server machine itself, not the user scheduling. This means that depending on where the user and server machine are located, Schedules may run at times different from what was set up by the user and needs to be taken into account when scheduling.




4. To view the results of the Schedules, click over to the Workflow Results page.

1. Users will be able to see only the results from their schedules and ad-hoc runs, with a designation as to which runs were Manual and which were scheduled. Gallery Curators (Admin) can see run results for all users.

2. Workflows hit the queue for Scheduler at the time they are scheduled. If the queue is backed up, the workflow will not run until resources are available.



5. You also have the option to schedule a workflow from Designerinstead of Gallery. To do so, navigate to Options > Schedule Workflow.

1.You can add multiple Galleries or Controllers using the Add buttons at the bottom:


Computer onlyComputer only After a Gallery has been addedAfter a Gallery has been added


2. Note: Users scheduling through Designer will still see all workflows published to Gallery and allscheduled run resultsfor allusers.

1. Schedules set up in Gallery will not show in the Schedules tab of the View Schedules window when viewing through Designer.

2. Results of runs set up in Gallery will show up in the Results tab of the View Schedules window when viewing through Designer.


11 - Bolide

Gallery scheduling appears to be an awesome feature for workflows that need to run on a schedule AND need to be ran on an ad hoc basis. The extra security in only being able to edit your own schedules is very valuable too!


A question for someone at Alteryx: will scheduling through the Designer still be available in the distant future or is the intention to eventually replace it with Gallery scheduling? This is a potential concern to us because there are several ways in which Designer scheduling meets my company's needs but the new Gallery scheduling does not:

  1. You can schedule "On Disk" with the Designer scheduler. Using this option means we never have to worry about rescheduling when we make changes. Gallery scheduling currently cannot do this and comes with the extra hassle of having to publish workflows in order to schedule them.
  2. You can see all schedules with the Designer scheduler. When we want to schedule something new, we look at all the existing schedules to see if there are any times that the server will reach capacity. Doing so allows us to avoid the problem mentioned in "Important Note 4" in the article. It’s also handy in making sure that your app is scheduled after another user’s app whose output is one your app relies on.

Hi @DultonM,


Great question.  I don't have any information on the roadmap for scheduler to share with you but I wanted to let you know we've got your question.  I am going to check internally to see if anyone has information to share in this area.  In the meantime, your feedback would be appreciated in the ideas page. 



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @DultonM - I'm so glad to hear you're liking the Gallery scheduling so far!  In regards to your question about scheduling in the Designer, we have no immediate plans at this time to remove this functionality, however, we are focusing future enhancements and improvements on scheduling in the Gallery.  Your feedback is great and I'd love to learn more!  I will be reaching out to you directly to see if I might be able to get some additional information about how you're currently using the Scheduler, what works, and what doesn't.  Thanks again!



11 - Bolide

@DultonM - Furthermore, I'm sure it's not terribly uncommon for companies/teams to install the server component without even standing up the gallery (for various reasons) and simply investing in the server component with the sole purpose of using a controller for their scheduling.  Having said that, I can't imagine the controller scheduling feature going away anytime in the near, or even distant, future - to add reason behind @JulieM's response.

11 - Bolide

Thank you for all the responses, everyone! Between these posts and talking with @JulieM, my fears with the Scheduler have been abated. I look forward to seeing the Scheduler improve over time.

11 - Bolide

Is there any way for someone to see the list of all scheduled workflows, as in the ones scheduled thru Designer and the ones scheduled in the Gallery?

6 - Meteoroid

Is there a process to migrate from controller scheduled to gallery scheduled?

I am working for an organisation that currently has 400-500 workflows scheduled through the controller (10.5) but would like to move to version 11 and start using the gallery.


10 - Fireball

Hi @Laurap1228 and @Nicholas_Brill,


I think this will be able answer both your questions.


Starting with Alteryx Server version 11.5 and above they enable a new feature for the admins which is the ability to migrate controller schedules to the gallery schedule.

What you see below allows you to see the list off all scheduled workflows on the controller and then transfer workfow to an existing gallery user.


I was one of the original people who also had several 100, workflows that were previous scheduled through the controller that I needed moved over to the corresponding person in Gallery.

I was able to test it the tool out and use it successfully.


Also as the admin you can see both what's scheduled in the gallery and what's in the controller on the two tabs.


Desktop to Gallery Migration.png


I hope this helps..


Also @AndrewL


You mentioned "Gallery Curators (Admin) can see run results for all users." but there isn't a workflow results page for admins.. is that a new feature coming on?





8 - Asteroid

Does the gallery administrator have to have rights to a file that another user schedules for the workflow to run?


Worker publishes a workflow to there studio.  The same worker then tries to run the workflow but gets a file not found error.  The workflow has access to files in there workflow that the admin for the gallery does not.  Is the permission the reason the workflow isn't running?  All files are in UNC too.


I was under the belief that if the publisher (worker) has permissions then even if the admin doesn't have permissions to the file it'll run for the worker.  The site is set to windows authentication.




Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



I think you are talking about the Run As user and not the gallery administrator. The Run As user is set to run any scheduled workflow under that Run As user. If that Run As user does not have access to a file location the workflow will fail. Once your workflow is set to schedule and you have the Run As user set, the users permissions are gone at that point and the workflow is run under the Run As user. If the Run As user does not have access, then you must either give access to the Run As user or choose a different Run As user.

8 - Asteroid

So if I have the "Run as a different user" checked in the 'Run As..." section under Worker then it should run the workflow as whomever published it.  Correct?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



No. If you set that, whomever you add as the user there will be the user that the workflow is run under for every Scheduled workflow.

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Hello, I am using the scheduler in the gallery, automating individual workflows, and have another project which is split amongst six workflows, these are all published to the gallery and I want to schedule these to run in sequence.


I want to use the gallery scheduler so that the server does all of the processing but cannot find a way to achieve this.


any suggestions





6 - Meteoroid

Can we schedule a workflow with macro on gallery?

8 - Asteroid

Hi Betty_Liao


I have half found an answer to my original problem , if you save your workflow as a macro,this then becomes an object on your toolbar which you can bring into a new workflow

this new workflow can then run your macro(s) and can be scheduled on the gallery.


I am just doing some further investigation into this as I have six macros in my controlling workflow and Alteryx is runnnig them together, I want to wait until the proceeding one has finished




9 - Comet

My schedules are not working. When workflow started manually from server all works.

Schedule doesn't work at all.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @betty_liao , yes you can schedule a workflow with a macro on the gallery. Just be sure to package that macro with your workflow when publishing to Gallery. 






8 - Asteroid


How a Curator (Admin) can see all workflow result ran by multiple users?

At least the private studio owner is able to see all the workflows results of his studio. I.e. I have a private studio and published a workflows. I have created collection with the workflows and shared with 3 users. When the 3 users ran the workflow then as a private studio owner, I am not able to see the workflow results.

I have used Alteryx Gallery API to execute the workflow with my private studio key. In this case also I am not able to see the workflows result. 

Any thoughts or solution will be appreciated. 


Thank you.