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How to use events / run command to execute another workflow on Alteryx Gallery

Thanks for the info! I had tried the chained apps first - but didn't know about the timeout issue which would explain why I was getting errors (I was also testing on a different second app that takes much longer to run). I would prefer to go the chained app route, as I don't easily have access to the server to test out other options (and it does seem to be the simplest). I'm running in to the issue now where I test the chained app running the first app locally on my machine (it is saved to the server) and it seems to run fine, with the second app creating an .yxdb file. However, when I try to run the same first app on the server, I get no output file. I've made sure that all file references are the correct UNC path format. In fact I am writing to the same folder as where the second app is being referenced from. These apps that I'm using to test the process each run extremely quickly, so I am not getting a timeout error. I am actually getting back that it successfully ran. 

Any help is appreciated!


What I would do in order to isolate the problem is run the first app on your desktop (if that is needed in this case), and then run only the 2nd app on the server. If it works, you'll know the issue is somewhere in the chained app scenario, and if it doesn't work, you'll know that the issue is the way the 2nd app is configured and we can go from there. Let me know if you are able to run just the 2nd app on the server as a stand alone and whether or not it creates the file you are expecting (this of course assumes you can create the scenario where everything is setup to allow that 2nd app to complete successfully by itself). 

Tested everything this morning and both seem to run separately, but the chained component is not seeming to work. I am wondering if could be a result of the timeout issue. I will get our server admin to change that and then test further.


Okay sounds good. If the 1st app is taking longer than 30 seconds or close to it by itself that could be the issue there. Usually there will be some variance in run time depending on server resources at the time of the run.