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How to "chain" multiple worflows together, schedule, and rollback data on failure?



I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on how to schedule multiple depend workflows together in a chain. If one workflow in the chain fails then I need Alteryx to somehow rollback the old data for all workflows in that chain.

For example, I have workflow A, B, and C. If A runs successfully, then B will start, if B fails then I need to rollback A to it's original state. If A and B are successful C will start to run, if C fails A and B will need to be rolled back, if C is successful then the data from A, B, and C can be written to the DB. 

Currently we are connecting to SQL server and using the "Update, Insert if new" option. This option keeps the old data in the event of an error. The problem with this it that it only works for an individual workflow and not a chain or workflows. For example, A can run successfully and have new data, but if B fails the old data will remain unchanged. This means that A will be updated in the database but B will not causing data accuracy issues. This is a big deal becasue other scheduled workflows pull from the data generated by A, B, and C, which will cause chaos in the database.  

Anything manual is out of the question due to the volume of workflows we run. We currently use the command line scheduler.

For this specific use case we need to chain together 9 workflows. The data volume is very small. However we will have multiple use cases in the near future.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @camalloy

Like everything in Alteryx, there are different ways to accomplish a task (using events for example). But to chain workflow executions, the best we can recommend is to use the Runner macros from Adam Riley (Runner, List Runner, Conditional runner). You can find them here:


Just create a new workflow that contains this tools and enjoy!


Hope his helps.


I read that the crew macros are only compatible with designer, which I would assume means they cannot be scheduled?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner


They can be used in Schedules (local or Server). What you cannot, is to use them in Gallery.


If you plan to chain this workflows in a Gallery app, you should use the Events method (described in the same post).