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How to check with alteryx whether websites and servers are up and running

I am looking something on Alteryx to set up  servers/website ping, when there is any issue with server or website down Alteryx should notify.
Is this possible with Alteryx? I am looking something similar to PHP SERVER MONITOR.

Hi ssvv,


Thanks for posting!


A couple of ideas for you here:

Firstly - you could 'ping' a web service by using the Download tool and retrieving/parsing the Download Headers field? 


Secondly - you could write a really simple batch file that pings the services you're interested in (e.g. ping localhost/gallery) and then pipe the results to a text file which can be ingested back into Alteryx (attaching a really simple example to this post). All of this can be done using the Run Command tool. 


I have a Ping_Batch_Command.bat file that contains a single line:

ping localhost


Let me know how you get on?






Nick Jewell | Alteryx Product Strategy