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Hi all,

Is there a unique tool/view where you can see everything about your Alteryx environment, or at least the most important things about what is being executed every day:
- Executions
- Planifications
- Access
- Errors
- Licenses
- Workflows
... everything about metadata


Thanks for your help





You can find different information by executing the Alteryx Monitoring Report such as : 

- Number of sessions 

- Number of Executions 

- Number of App executions 



For the schedules part, you can find a very complete report in the admin portal with a diagnosis on the CPU & Memory usage. 

Also you can see all the workflows and their scheduling, their status (errors or not). You can also view all the users and the licence they have acces to "Artisan" tag for those who have "designer" and are able to build and share worfklows. 

For Metadata, it can be viewed in many places. One of them is in the results window by hitting the meta info tab, but you can also get detail about the meta info by using the browse tool, field summary tool and field info tool. 



Note : Regarding your question : Is it possible to use Alteryx Designer + Scheduler? 

Could you share with me more information about Alteryx usage ( Number of users, data volume processed, number of workflows...) so I can best advice you on the correct architecture that can support it ? Thanks


I hope this answers your question.