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Get and use email address of user running app


Hi there, is there a way to get the email address of the user running an app on the gallery?

I was thinking of adding a checkbox to each workflow/app that would indicate whether they want an email notification (Event after run w or w/o errors), but not sure how to dynamically get their email address.




Hi @chanmar,


The email address may be more difficult, as I'm not sure where you will get that reference from. However, you can get the UserID of the logged in user. This is by using a hidden TextInput function (__cloud:UserId).


See this blog post for more information on how to use it.


Hi @chanmar ,


Yes, this is possible by joining the __cloud:UserID to a stream that utilizes the Mongo Input tool.  See attached.


I have workflows that do this, it's really necessary to pass through the user ID of the person running the app or workflow, but I can't seem to get it to work in version 2019.3. Am I alone in having this problem? @KaneG have you tested this for 2019.3 or is there a new improved way to do the same thing?




UPDATE: This is actually working fine. I did have the interface tool set up correctly, but forgot that our QA instance has different user ID's than our PROD instance and so it was not matching and returning results.