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Generate duplicate row for each column containing data


Hi, All

I am pretty new to Alteryx and am looking for a way to generate duplicate rows for each column that has data in it as well as move the column data to the newly created row. I did see the Generate Rows tool, but unfortunately it seems complicated when non-numerical data is used.


Any help/advice would be appreciated


Sample data

TaskPreparerReviewer 1Reviewer 2Reviewer 3
Task 1Person APerson BPerson CPerson D


Desired result


Task 1Person A
Task 1Person B
Task 1Person C
Task 1Person D

The generate rows tool is used to add rows to data of the same structure (think 'fill in the data') - in your case, you want to re-structure the data, so a few steps are likely required.


I expanded on your example data a bit to make sure that my solution would capture not just your sample, but the full use case.


Please let me know if I missed something - if this solves your issue, please mark this as an accepted solution so people know you've been helped :)





The Transpose tool will do this for you if you group on Task