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Data Level Security




I'm new to Alteryx and I was wondering what this 2019.2 new feature statement means, "Collections have been extended to have user and asset management on a per-user basis, and provide a collaboration space where users can update shared workflows."

I'm curious if this fits a need that my team is trying to find out. Basically, we have a workflow that we want to share to various group of users and would like to give different type of users ability to run workflows and produce an output that is only specific to the data assigned for them to generate. For example, if I have data set for a Women's department store and I want a specific user to only produce an output for sales on Shoes vs another user to produce output for Purses and so on..,. is this something that can be done in Alteryx server? Similar to how Tableau server provisions detail level security using USERNAME() or ISMEMBEROF() function. 

Oh, we plan to set our server with run-as user in case you need that info.







This is not something you'll be able to manage via Alteryx, however if you have row level security configured on the database side, you use Windows AD authentication on the server and your database also uses Windows AD, you can prompt users to enter their Windows credentials whenever they run a workflow on the server. These will be used as the Run as for the workflow hence only the data the user has access to will be returned.