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Connect database with API


Hello guys,


I am trying to connect database to Alteryx server for my company. Here is the idea:


After the user runs a workflow, a log record will be generated (if the workflow completed, who ran the workflow, when the workflow was run)


Then I want another workflow to write those log records back to database via API.


Let's assume we have the log data ready. And the API is available for our database.


So my questions are:


Is it possible to do something like this?


If so, what tool / what process I need to utilize in Alteryx so that Alteryx can write those records back to database?


Hi @CodingMan,


Though we cannot provide a complete solution to your request, you can Google the API options available on your database (to use with the Download tool) and check out the following Community article to pull the user that runs an app:


Hopefully, that will get you started and then you can post back to the Community with any subsequent questions.


Thank you!

Dan Chapman
Program Manager, Customer Support
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