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Cannot login to gallery

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We have Alteryx server installed v.2019.4, and migrated to a v2020. Since we migrated to 2020, I cannot access and connect to the gallery.


We have separate domains and Alteryx Server 2019.4 is installed Domain B which I'm in Domain A and I have no issues to connect, publish and schedule my workflows. Recently we migrated to v2020 with Kerberos and since then I cannot log in to the gallery, cannot create or add so publish and schedule my workflows. I manually created on my registry to force login, it didn't work. I'm able to connect thru the web, but thru designer. No need to say I have a recent version of the designer. I also added the Kerberos ticket which now I have both tickets on my computer.


Any idea what the issue is or how to fix this problem? The only difference between the old and the new servers is Kerberos. Other designers which they are on the same domain with the server, they are good to connect. I'm pretty sure the issue is with my designer, domain, and Kerberos.  I also run Wireshark between my client and the server, on both the old server and new server to see, the connection request is reaching to the server on both, but new server doesn't respond to my request. 


Any suggestions highly appreciated.





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Hi @albert_alaluf,


Thank for posting.


Since you have 2 different domains involved, could you please confirm that  Kerberos cross-realm authentication is configured? That could be the reason of your issue.






As authentication works in a browser but not in Designer, I would suggest asking your network team to assist with adding a proxy setting to Designer if such is the case now:

Options --- User Settings --- Edit User Settings --- Advanced --- Proxy Settings

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Thank you for your reply. We don't use a proxy server. I can use it with a browser without any issue.


The error I get 'Could not connect to server, please try again.'


The other users in the same domain with the server have no issues. I have no issues connecting to the old server. The only difference between the old a new one besides the version is Kerberos.



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My admin is on vacation now. I will ask him to check this. I know this is related with the domain and Kerberos.

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Did you ever resolve this? We are having a similar issue