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CReW Macros not Working in Workflows Saved to the Gallery


We have been having issues with using the CReW macros in workflows on our Gallery. We are specifically interested in using the Runner macros to chain workflows together. We have the recurring error message of 'Cannot find macro "CReW_Runner.yxmc".' The macros are on a shared drive that both the server and I have access to. I have ensured that CReW.ini files on the server match my .ini files. I have also had no issues opening and running the workflow from the Alteryx Designer client on the server. Has anyone else experienced this? Did I miss something? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and restarting the server VM.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


runner error.PNG







The .ini files have to specify the UNC path because mapped drive letters are specific to a user account.  Similarly, if the macros are stored in a user directory, then the AlteryxService probably doesn't have access.  




One other thing I neglected to mention.  The Runner macros are not well suited for use with Desktop Automation or Gallery because they override the queuing functions that allow those to schedule workflows.  If at all possible, I'd recommend you schedule the sequential workflows rather than using the Runner macros.


Hi @LisaL 


I use the CReW runner a lot on server and intrigued by your post. How would I mange the scheduling of individual workflows, getting around the issue of one workflow not having been completed before the last?