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CReW List Runner not found in Server - Looks for "CReW_ListRunner.yxmcIterative" Instead

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We have the CReW macros in server and when attempting to run a workflow that contains the List Runner and the Log Parser, it seems to locate the Log Parser macro but returns an error (Tool #71: Tool #3: Cannot find macro “CReW_ListRunner.yxmcIterative”) for the List Runner macro.  When we look at the folder where the macros are stored, both the CReW_ListRunner.yxmc and CReW_ListRunner.yxmcIterative are there.  How do I get it to find the List Runner macro?  Also, just curious, what is the "Iterative" file for?


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I wonder if @MarqueeCrew can help out with this....

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Solution: Turns out my local path was not matching the server path so it couldn't find the macro.  Not sure why it didn't say the same error for the other CReW macros, but there you have it.  

Server path where CReW macros were stored: 


Local Path: