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Amazon S3 download/upload tools


We've begun to explore these tools with our Amazon S3 account.  One road block we potentially see is publishing a workflow that uses these tools to our private gallery so the process can be scheduled. However, the keys are entered by the analysts at the time of tool usage and we don't want to give the account credentials out to them but rather they be able to publish/upload to Gallery a workflow that would use their key when run in Designer on their client machine but leverage the service account keys when run on Gallery.


Has anyone accomplished something like this?  I'm thinking we need a way to pass the access key and secret key when the workflow is run on the gallery/server.  Or maybe there's a more efficient way to do this.


Thanks in advance!

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Hi @cpanfil ,


You can pass these credentials in by turning the workflow into an Analytic app and have user pass in the fields in the Gallery at Runtime. This can be done by using the Text box tool and the action tool.  You will need 3, one for each of the entries and they will all need to be connected tot the S3 bucket tool.  Let me know if you need a screenshot as an example. 


Hi @AndrewDataKim ,


Thank you and yes, a screen shot would be very helpful.


This solution would allow us to schedule the workflow and have users to enter thier S3 credentials at run time but is there a way to leverage a service account or stored credentials?


Currently, a users S3 credentials expire after a set period and a service account won't expire.  We can obtain this service account S3 credential from our IT department but we don't want to give it out to end users.  So hard coding it or having it read from a file would be ideal.


Thanks again!

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner
Hi @cpanfil,

I will post those workflow images for you tomorrow.