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Alteryx promote -problem with deployed model

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Good morning.

We use Alteryx Promote in our line of work and would like to ask you about some problems we have recently encountered.

The problem we encounter most often is when deploying a new version of a model to the staging area - the building often takes longer, then the first version took, even if there are only minor changes, and most importantly, the building with the error [BUILD ERROR]: Service timed out and never came online. Or the building appears to be successful, but the model never comes online - sometimes the solution seems to be just redeploying the model (sometimes multiple times), but often there seems to be no other option than either deploying the new version under a new name or deleting the previous version.
I have attached screenshots and logs of a test model to demonstrate this problem.

Me and my colleagues would appreciate any help or insights on why this might be happening and how this problem could be fixed.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@YuliaFrenkel I suggest you open a support ticket here.