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Alteryx Upgrade and Backup

7 - Meteor

Hi All,


I am currently working on an upgrade activity which involves adding workers to the configuration. I have a few questions with regards to the activity.


1. After adding the workers (adding the server name and the token of the controller) I got a "success" pop up saying the Alteryx service and client are compatible. I am assuming this means that the worker is now added to the configuration. 

However, can someone tell me if I can check if the workers are added to the configuration from some form of GUI (front end) or backend?


2. Also, I need to take the backup the environment for a daily script that I am working on. However, is there any concept of "hot backup" (where I can take the backup of mongoDB without stopping the services)?


Any help or guidance on this would be highly appreciated!




Alteryx Certified Partner

For question 1 I'm not sure myself I will have to do some research.


For question 2 that would depend on if you are using the embedded DB or user-managed mongoDB. If you are using embedded I would recommend migrating to a user managed as that would give significant redundancy, and control options over the embedded without impacting your server licencing requirements (there may be some costs associated with managing and maintaining the separate mongo environment tho). 


If you have user managed db you can use the normal mongo Filesystem snapshot backup processes. for details about them check out


If you are running the embedded db it is safer to follow the backup best practices as talked about here in part 1 and part 2


Hope that helps

7 - Meteor

Thanks Paul for your reply on the same. We have embedded DB on our environment and user-based.

I understand that using the latter would have made things much better. However, being on an embedded DB, I believe there is no alternative apart from stopping the services and then taking a backup.


I am running a similar script on of our POC environments. 


Thank you for your suggetions.


Also, it would be great if you/anyone could let me know any findings on my first question.


Have a great day!