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Alteryx Server o windows desktop


Hi All,


I know that designer is possible to be installed on a windows 10 machine, but my question is specific to the server.

Is it possible to install Alteryx Server on Windows-10 machine or does it have to be a server OS?




Hey @UFO - my understanding is that you can install it on a standard Windows 10 Machine, since the kernel and the OS is the same, and the only major difference in server is services like DHCP; routing; directory services; which are not directly needed by server.

I believe it's the same as MS SQL server - you can install it on a workstation, as long as you are not looking to install petabytes of ram; or do clustering.


@MarqueeCrew - can you confirm?    


Thanks @SeanAdams.


Hi @MarqueeCrew , Can you also confirm that if i set up the server on windows 10 OS, other machines i have desktop license on be able to communicate to the server instance for sharing the packages/code base?


Apologies if these are basic questions, as i am new to the tool i am not sure how it hangs together. 

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Alteryx Certified Partner



Why?  Why would you want to do this?  Alteryx server licenses cost roughly 10x a desktop license.  While the functionality of the designer application should run on all systems, the scalability and full value of the server warrant implementation on a server.  If access to a server is the reason, a virtual server or cloud server should help you.  I would think that this may work, but is it really what you need?

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Are you using the Win10 machine as a Server?

I understand the concept and can confirm it works: you can install Alteryx Server on Win10 and use it as a Server.  Other machines will be able to communicate with it, just like a server.


But the more serious question is the one @MarqueeCrew pointed out - why would you want to?

If you're going to spend the amount of money that it costs for a Server license, you should really do it right and put it on an actual server.


I've been down this path before and ultimately it isn't worth it to put Server on a Desktop (unless just for testing).  The point of having Server is having the stability that comes with a server (usually maintained on power backup, snapshots in case of failure/corruption, stable OS, etc).