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[2021.4.2] Alteryx Server REST API PUT /v3/workflows/{workflowID}

7 - Meteor

I am trying to leverage the V3 rest API to update the owner of a workflow using the PUT /v3/workflows/{workflowID} operation but am receiving a 400 error. Are there currently any known limitations/bugs? 


Additional notes:

  • User [TO] was added to user [FROM]'s private studio/subscription before initiating the request per docs.
  • Some request data fields were omitted per the docs (I also tried with the fields explicitly too though).
  • Server Version - 2021.4.2.07064
  • I have attached a screenshot of the swaggerUI but can provide additional information on request.


Thanks in advance!

7 - Meteor

In case anyone else stumbles on this and is having the same issue. The underlying problem was that I did not specify the [othersMayDownload] or [othersCanExecute] parameters. the current documentation indicates that the default behavior should be for the flag to stay the same as before but it appears this is not currently the case. Explicitly calling [othersMayDownload] and/or [othersCanExecute] == true produces a successful PUT request.