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[2021.4.2] Alteryx Server REST API PUT /v3/workflows/{workflowID}

7 - Meteor

I am trying to leverage the V3 rest API to update the owner of a workflow using the PUT /v3/workflows/{workflowID} operation but am receiving a 400 error. Are there currently any known limitations/bugs? 


Additional notes:

  • User [TO] was added to user [FROM]'s private studio/subscription before initiating the request per docs.
  • Some request data fields were omitted per the docs (I also tried with the fields explicitly too though).
  • Server Version - 2021.4.2.07064
  • I have attached a screenshot of the swaggerUI but can provide additional information on request.


Thanks in advance!

7 - Meteor

In case anyone else stumbles on this and is having the same issue. The underlying problem was that I did not specify the [othersMayDownload] or [othersCanExecute] parameters. the current documentation indicates that the default behavior should be for the flag to stay the same as before but it appears this is not currently the case. Explicitly calling [othersMayDownload] and/or [othersCanExecute] == true produces a successful PUT request.



7 - Meteor

HI @cAral ,

The link to 'the docs' is no longer working. Could you please provide an updated link to the same?

Additionally, could you confirm whether you were able to successfully update the owner of a WF? If yes, please share the sample 'updateWorkflowContract' value.

Thank you.