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Multiple excel worksheet in the same excel workbook

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Hello all,


I have around 33 inDB data sources on my workflow, different schemas. At the end I'm streaming out to my desktop, then same excel file, but in different worksheets.


So far I tried;


- Reporting tools: table, layout, render

It works, however due to render issues, I messed up. I have a output with 2 files and up to 20 fields. When I use reporting tools, because of render, it will align to the same size worksheets which it is ugly.


- Blocked until done

It will not work. All outputs are individual.


- Parallel Block Until Done and Wait A Minute: 

It is not working. Whatever I do, it sounds weird, but it looks like it is trying to write to excel is already open. I see first 3 outputs are fine, than failing on a couple of them, and a few good ones. This order may change every time I run. Then I added wait a minute tool, setup as 2 seconds. It takes hours to finish.


I do not have any other solutions or methods to complete this project. The reason I'm writing this to hear other possible solutions those I'm missing.


Thanks in advance


Hi Albert, 


Please see the link below with an example on how you can create the output in excel. and check out the solution posted by DavidP

This is a good example on how you can create multiple sheets within the same Excel workbook. 



Please keep in mind, if you have more than 1 million data records, then you will get an error because the max lines of data excel can handle is 1 million records. You will have to write the data out to .csv file instead.


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