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CReW macro Wildcard XLSX Input error

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We have recently upgraded to Alteryx 2012.2.1.35394.


Prior to upgrade the CReW Wildcard XLSX macro worked fine.

But now it fails with error "Detour tools in macros must terminate within that macro"


It occurs when the "Field names in data" option is deselected.  If that option is selected the macro works just fine.




Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Check to see if the AMP engine is enabled on your workflow. If it is, see if the issue still happens when it's disabled.

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Thanks for the quick response @jrgo 

AMP engine is disabled.

Looking at the macro the right side of the Detour connected to that "Field names in data" Checkbox, does seem to eventually terminate with a Macro output.  Apparently that is a no-no since version 2020.# -- at least I read that somewhere else in the community.


I am experiencing the same issue in Designer version 2021.3.4.00445.


The actual error message thrown by the macro workflow is the following:


Macro Output (92)	Detour tools in macros must terminate within that macro


This happens because the tool Macro Output (92) which generates the non-matched output anchor requires data from the right side of the tool Detour (32). It can easily be fixed by adding another Detour End Tool before and linking the Left and Right input anchors to Detour (32) and Sort (98) respectively (adding a sample tool to drop all records from the output since everything will be matched).


Wildcard XLSX Input macro hotfixWildcard XLSX Input macro hotfix


@wparni Please find attached an example macro with the hotfix implemented.


@MarqueeCrew Was this working as expected with previous versions?

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19 - Altair

to my knowledge, but it's nice to see that someone else is testing/using it.

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