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Zip Code Lists

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Does anyone know where I can download a free list of 9 digit zip codes?  Having no luck with the google. 

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I suppose the real question should be, what business case am I trying to solve for?  9 digit zip codes are not free.  I don't think that they are static either.  As delivery routes are updated with new construction (an example) new codes are created.  I'm sure that there is some logic where values like 0000 don't exist and if you see that number then it could be fake.  


Generally, firms need the value as part of CASS certification requirements for postal discounts.  The value alone might give you an idea of the deliverability of an address if you assume that the presence of a non-empty value means that at some point in time, the address was verified.  Alteryx provides CASS as a data service within Alteryx ($ extra).  You might look to MellisaData for other lookup needs.




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Thanks Mark. We have CASS but it’s missing around 300 zips for Illinois that we need to map as part of a territory production workflow.

Maybe I can justify the purchase. Had to do due diligence before asking for funds though.


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Hi @jbh1128d1


The missing ZIPs that you mentioned may be point based ZIP codes. By default, only Polygon ZIPs are enabled in the Allocate Input tool.  Enabling point zips gives you access to an additional ~10K ZIPs.  



Here is a link to an Alteryx Knowledge Base post that explains how to enable point ZIPs (also attached the article to this post).  


I hope this is helpful!





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Thanks @EricM.  The link did not work but the document did.  Unfortunately, I couldn't locate the point zip files.  I'll continue to try and locate the files but I'll consider this a solution.

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I am not sure if you are still on this project.  I have been using this website to get all postal codes.  Link is below