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Sharepoint File Input Tool - Getting Error while entering Client ID and Secret Key

7 - Meteor

I am getting below error while using Sharepoint File Input Tool after entering Client ID, Secret Key and Tenant ID.

Alteryx Version -  2021.3.4.00445

Note - I am able to connect Sharepoint List Input using the same Client ID and Secret Key.


ErrorAADSTS90036: An unexpected, non-retryable error stemming from the directory service has occurred.


Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?

8 - Asteroid

I'm having the same issue... Would be curious to know if you were able to make this work and how

6 - Meteoroid

Definitely an issue for me!

11 - Bolide

did anyone get any insight on this? I get the same error and I know I have all of my info input correctly using the Client ID option. 

8 - Asteroid

Same error here

5 - Atom

Exact same error...still trying to resolve.

7 - Meteor

@VojtechT I am facing the same issue. Could you please confirm if this is an ongoing issue for the version 2021.3.4.00445



5 - Atom

Same error here, via version 2022.3.1.395 and use the latest SharePoint tool uploaded on 12-09-2021

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @KimONLOVE @Vineet003 @pwalden @Rahul3 


There was a new connector tool released on September 9th. I would recommend removing all previous installations of the tool and re-download the latest version.


I would also recommend following the instructions listed in this help documentation when registering the API Application.



If none of these steps resolve your issue, I would reach out



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