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Report building questions

7 - Meteor

Hi Community,

I need to do data set comparison between 4 different sets. I have this built and working.  It needs to output a file of various comparisons, some from J anchor, some from R and L depending on how far the compares go and then another file with the reconciled data sets - so far so good - all working.  It produces the file even if there are no files from the R or L anchor - again, this is working as designed to provide evidence the review occurred. If there were results then they would be researched.


What I am hoping to do is be able to build a report that can take the contents of each of those output files and put into a single file.  Or, it would be okay to have something like this


Compare Data Source 1 - record count

Compare data source 2 - record count

Table with anything from left and right anchors of join.

Compare data source 3 (to the J anchor of the above compare)

Count of Data source 3

Count of right anchor from compare to join of first compare.


So basically, we are comparing two data sets for a reconciled set and need those counts from each data source.  Show any apps that didn't join based on each source.  Once those two are done take the reconciled set and compare against a 3rd data source and then get the count of the 3rd data source and any apps that fell out from the right join (which would be apps in the 3rd data source only).  


The logic to do the compares and get counts by using count object is fine but way to many reports are produced.  Is there any way to consolidate all of that as inputs in another workflow that is dependent on the execution of the comparison workflow?  Also, I cannot upload data or workflows due to confidentiality.

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

You can use reporting to send your results to a table, then render your table in your preferred format. 

If you have multiple table outputs you can structure them with the layout tool, then render. 

7 - Meteor

Thank you, i will give that a go.