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Recipients error: sending email with the Email Tool

11 - Bolide



Suddenly and unexpectedly!



I am not able to send a email with the Email Tool to myself. (The mail address is my Alteryx serial number)


And I am not able to send a email with the Email Tool to an other valid email address with the same ending of my serial number! (the same ending of my company)

like: info@...


The error message:

Error: Email (1): Record#1: Unable to send email: "Error with Recipients: ...




My colleague get the same error message!!


A new email blacklist? Man Embarassed


Get anyone else the same feature?






12 - Quasar

I've always been able to send e-mails to myself with the e-mail tool, and the address is the same used to register Alteryx, so not sure why you are seeing that result.


Can you send e-mails to other recipients?  If not, I'd check your other e-mail server settings in the tool configutation.

11 - Bolide

Hey Jason,


thank you for your support. I have contact to the support from Alteryx. We made today a WebEx meeting, so that they where able to see the feature.

I sent them my Alteryx log files.

When I have a result I will post it into the community.



11 - Bolide


I get the solution, from the Alterxy support (thanks a lot) why email sent failed for me.


From Alteryx support

When you’re setting the tool to Autodetect SMTP, the tool is communicating directly with the target email server and trying to deliver the email, as per Ned’s post in this community link:


Since the tool is trying to connect to the target email server to deliver the messages, you are at the mercy of the target server accepting the connection hence it will always be a hit or miss process.

In my case:

So there is no solution for me, because our smtp server need always an authenticated and our IP is dynamicly.


For me it would be nessasary the Email Tool in Alteryx allow authenticated setting when setting the tool to no Autodetect SMTP. But that is not implemented.  My be it is possible in the future.
So I must wait!


I can not use the Email Tool as an error-free solution.