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R (Report) output as a table

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Hello everybody,


is there any way to have the result of the R output connector of any predictive tool (the report) as a normal table?


For example I'd like to have a table of the LeafSummary of a Decision Tree with 1 column for the node number, 1 column for the split, etc....


I could scrape the HTML code of the report and get the table, I can do it. But maybe there is a easier way to do that? Maybe adding some R-scripting starting from the O(bject) connector?


Do you have any idea how to do it?



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That information is available in the underlying macro - you just need to expose the contents (after a little coaxing and parsing) into a macro output to make it available as part of the tool output.


In the Decision Tree macro, you need to start amending the macro workflow at Select(20) - I've added an attachment to this post to show you a quickly-sketched out version, that you can test out immediately in the Sample Workflow>Predictive Analytics>6. Decision Tree example workflow (use the L output anchor of this tool)


Hope this helps!

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ACE Emeritus

By 'normal table' I assume you mean that you can attach a browse tool to the output and get see the results in an Alteryx table.


All of the reports that you see from the predictive tools are built in R and the displayed via browse by utilizing the AlteryxGraph() function inside of the R tool.


If you wanted this data to display as a table, you would need to edit the underyling R Tool in the predictive macro (right click on the tool and select 'Open Macro:') to combine the data you want into a table using R code inside the R tool and the write it to an output using write.Alteryx().


Though this blog isn't relevant to this topic, it does show an example of using write.Alteryx()

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Thank you, both of you.


The R code "write.Alteryx()" was exactly what I was looking for. Simple, clear and straight.



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Hi - Sorry I am late to this thread, but I'm wondering how you were able to write out the leaf summary specifically? I'm looking at the R tool in the decision tree, and I'm not seeing where that data is located in order to use Write.Alteryx to write it out?