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Make workflow dynamic | Pick columns dynamically based on quarter/month of year

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Hi All,


I am new to Alteryx and need some help with my project. Listing the scenario and details below: 


The data looks something like this (also, attaching the file here): 




Calculations or checks are made based on the quarter of the year/month of the year, as below:





As shown above, the check 1 comprises ~> if K2<= Sum of Apr-21, May-21 and Jun-21. In the next quarter, it would be changed/updated to check of ~> L2<= summation of Jul-21, Aug-21 and Sep-21. 

{L2 is currently empty/blank since, no we haven't reached the end of the quarter yet). 


This can easily be done in Excel, however, since I'm new to Alteryx, could you please suggest a way on how I could do this dynamically. For now, I've used a Formula Tool and hard-coded the values.


Attaching the data and the client's fiscal year calendar for your reference. 


Kindly help me with the solution and a humble request to attach the package/workflow, so I could get a clarity on how to go about it. 


Thank you in advance!!  

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Since you are familiar with Excel, I've attached a workflow that should do what you want.


However, this could be done so much easier in Alteryx if you weren't just trying to duplicate what you are doing in Excel! Summarizing data (summing, averaging...) data by some dimension (or time period) and checking it against a threshold is a common use case. The only thing that made this challenging is having to wrangle the data to match the excel spreadsheet.


If you are new Alteryx user, check out the Weekly Challenges to learn how others solve use cases like this!



I amnew to this skillset, kindly tell me how can i see the different answers to the many questions asked on the community chats, so i can get a better understanding of what i am learning

thank you.