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Large csv file does not summarize correctly once input it on Alteryx

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I am facing a bizarre issue within a flow which worked perfectly before; I have a large csv file (I know is not the best option but only csv I can get)  that I input, convert to double/int and then I need to summarize 2 fields which gives a total wrong value compared with the real value I get in excel pivot/in Tableau. 

If I manually convert the csv to excel and input it in Alteryx will give the correct summarize values, my problem is that sometimes the csv get so large that I can't open to manually convert it into excel.

I tried an workaround to input the large csv file and then split by region & output as xlsx, then subsequently used those files to summarize and I get always a wrong calculation compared to the right value.

I tried also other solution from community and clean & replace nulls with zero, result is always wrong. 

Have anyone faced this issue before, how you managed to succeed? 


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@Tmanuela You need to use formula tool to change the string type.

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Million thanks both, I knew the community guys are the best! wouldn't have thought that i have to force it in TONUMBER + double.

Best regards, Manuela