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Is there a list of Supported Geocoders for the Street Geocoder Tool?

7 - Meteor

The guidance for the Street Geocoder Tool states


  • Select A Geocoder: Select a geocoder. All supported geocoders are selectable from this list.


I potentially have access to a geocoder with an API. Before I do the legwork to try to get access to that API, how do I determine if it would even be supported by Alteryx? Is there a list of supported geocoders for this Street Geocoder Tool?


Hi, The Alteryx Street Geocoder uses the Location Insights install. All of the information for that can be found in the following DataSheet:

You will see in the datasheet that the Alteryx Location Insights uses TomTom for the Geocoding. If you have your own Geocoder API that you would like to use, you can use the Download tool or any Python/R Scripting languages to make those API Calls and return the results. These API Requests can be embedded within a custom macro that you can build to allow for batch API Requests.