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In db connection on server

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


I have worlflows that i want to upload on server 


My workflows havevin-db connections. Does the connections will still work on server  or ambI obliged to use file connections? 



12 - Quasar

@Youssef_BenSalem ,


Hi! Whenever we have in-db tools, we're using file connections to use the connection on the server.

Mostly, our workflows consist of normal input/output tools because those tools allow for a way more robust way to handle our data connections. We use connections that are made in the admin portal on the server. Thereby we authorize a active directory group to that data connection and within that active directory group we add our Alteryx service accounts. In that way we effectively can control over 200 workflows by just managing a couple of data connections. Before using the admin controlled connections, we used the "quick connect" option for input/output data tools, in that way a connection would be encrypted and the connectionline could be read by the server. The downside of that way of handling your connections is that you'll have to update all your workflows whenever you change the password. 


Note tough that we do use mostly Oracle as our db. We also have some MS SQL connections that work on Windows authentication, in those instances we locally all have our own DSN setup and on the server site we also have a admin data connection for that, alternatively i believe you can also add a user DSN on the server site for that to work.


In reference of your case i tested out if i could just upload a in-db connection to the server but as expected, i got a "error finding connection XXXX". Not sure if you can find a workaround those connection files, but from what i read from here you cant Solved: IN-DB Data Connection on Server? - Alteryx Community







7 - Meteor

Hi @sebastian,


Thank you for taking the time


I am using right now the connection files and they work gine for now.

The problem is when moving to production,  where will need to save the files from a security point of view. Also developers and server will need to use the same connection file I believe.


Could you share with me what is the best approach to follow when using connection files in production environment. 


Thank you


HI @Youssef_BenSalem 

Adding the connection file as an asset will ensure the connection will work going forward, please ensure you have the drivers installed etc in the relevant environments.


Adding the connection as an asset copies this to the MongoDB subfolder of the workflow and will essentially package it with the workflow wherever it goes.


As the file stays with the specific workflow the developers and server users can have diffrent versions uploaded or if internal policy allows they can simply use the same connection and productionise once fully tested.