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Identify accounts with multiple variables and classify based on one variable

7 - Meteor

Apologies, I have a feeling I will explain this poorly so let me just show you what I'm trying to figure out.

I have multiple instances of the same account number. I only care if their claim was paid, and once these run through the workflow, I need them to show as paid if there is any instance of a Paid Claim on an account.

So if claim status contains Paid, or Paid and Denied. Then the "Updated Claim Status" field should show as "Paid" Ideally I'd be able to run my data through this workflow with this formula and get that new output column added onto the end so when I do analysis down the line it will be categorized properly even when I remove the duplicate account numbers. 

If there is no instance of the account being Paid and "Denied" is all there is, then the Updated Claim Status should read "Denied"



Happy to try and clarify any of that since I'm sure I didn't explain it perfectly.



@WishIKnewHowToCode , I would use the Summarize tool to accomplish this. Group on Account number and then choose the string action to concatenate the claim statuses. You can then use the filter to see if the concatenated string contains the word 'Paid'. 



7 - Meteor

@michelle_matthrews Thank you, this is a simple and elegant solution. I was way overthinking this!