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File Copying and Moving

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If you want to move or copy files without using cmd or powershell solutions you can now install this tool made with the Python SDK.




You can choose to keep the filenames the same but you can also rename them at the same time. It's a yxi package you can download and install from my Github site.


Happy moving!

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I am facing the same trouble/error as @JMart2135. Can someone please reply? The File Copy/Move works perfectly fine when run on the local machine, but fails when uploaded to Alteryx Gallery. Do we need any additional setup that needs to be done on the server?

Please help!!!

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Absolute hero, this is exactly what i needed. Even managed to work out how to change file name at the same time. I've pasted my example flow if anyone is struggling to work this out. 





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Hi @psubramanian 


In order to utilize this tool on the server machine, it will need to be installed on the Server machine. Following the steps below will ensure the tool is installed properly.


1) Run Designer as admin on Server machine

2) Click File top left in designer

3) Click Open workflow

4) Browse to the .yxi file to install the tool for all users.


Below are the directories for the tool installation:


Client machine (non admin install) - C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Alteryx\Tools

Server Machine (Admin install) - C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Tools


Hope this helps, if it does please like this message so other users can see.

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Thanks this makes so much sense. 

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Hey bobpeers,


This is a great tool, but I seem to be having a drawback to it I'm hoping you can help me with. The files write into the folder as expected, but when I try to pull it onto the canvas (I run these daily and need to compare one day to another), Alteryx doesn't recognize the filepath - I'm dragging it directly from the new folder location so it's not mistyped, and Alteryx acknowledges there's two tabs in the Excel file, but gives an error that the filepath might be incorrect. Has this happened before/have I done something wrong?


(Excuse the rough redaction)



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Hello, When I run a workflow with this tool from a local desktop, it runs fine.  However, when I run the same workflow from a virtual machine, in which I have different credentials, it presents almost immediately a "The designer x64 reported: Unknown Fatal Error".  Everything else is the same... the virtual machine has the desktop alteryx designer.... anyway you might be able to help? I'm limited in my ability to share information on this site but will try to answer any questions as best as I can.

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Hey bobpeers! thanks for putting this amazing tool together. Does this tool work with copying file from and to a SharePoint folder using the Sharepoint input and output tools? I tried a number of times but the file_result says "Source file doesn't exist". thanks in advance for your response!

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hi there,


thank you so much for the awesome tool. It works great for copy/move but what am I missing when it comes to renaming the files .


I am using the formula tool as you mentioned but I still do not see any changes to the file names. I used the format given to rename the file




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Did anyone get this to work successfully on Alteryx Server? We have installed the tool on the Server, and runs fine on the Server Designer instance, but when executed via Gallery the tool doesnt move the file. The workflow completes successfully, just the fie isnt moved.