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Dynamic Rename issue

6 - Meteoroid

Hi all,


I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue.


I am trying to cleanse and shape data from a survey tool (Qualtrics).


Pre: cleansing, the column headers are labelled as the question numbers with the actual question titles appearing in the first row.


To make the first row my header, I am using the dynamic rename tool to "Take field names from first row of data". However, as my first row contains long text fields, when using this function, the tool cuts off a portion of the text in each column header.




Although the text in each title is very long, I am only interested in the words after " - ", eg. in this case 2.3.9 Develop cost reduction initiatives.


To do this I planned to use the Transpose tool to shape the data into a flat file format




The next step was to use the "Text to Columns" tool to extract the text after the "-" delimiter. However because my text was cut off by the Dynamic Rename tool, this is the result:




Unfortunately, this workflow needs to be dynamic and as no 2 surveys are likely to be the same, I can't solve this problem by using a lookup table to rename every header.


Does anyone have a solution on how to either:

- Stop the dynamic rename tool from truncating text

- Extract the text after the delimiter and shape the data in my desired format without the dynamic rename tool


I have attached my workflow.


Thank you all for the assistance, I am stumped!





9 - Comet

Hi @TC17 ,

- "- Stop the dynamic rename tool from truncating text" I think the field name must be truncate because field name allow only 255 characters maximum.

- You can handle first row first then union and take it as field name. See my workflow attachment.


6 - Meteoroid



I haven't been exposed to Regex before.


Thank you!!