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Convert .Txt File into Image or blob

7 - Meteor

I have a .txt file as an input in Designer. Is there a way to convert .Txt file into an image or blob to preserve the format?


The text file has a non-standard delimitation so when I try to convert to excel it's messy. I'm thinking to convert the text file into an image to preserve the formats.

7 - Meteor


 thank you for the help and prompt response! I tried the table and render tools plus the render tool but it also didn't work, it can't read text. It only gives me the text file name



Perhaps, do you have anyway that alteryx can read the text file that will retain the format? because I try to convert it to .flat file but the formatting has changed because it has a non-standard format in text file.





18 - Pollux

what you are looking to do is take a screen grab of a text file - that doesn't work in alteryx.  UiPath/RPA solutions would be able to do this for you.

7 - Meteor

thank you for the inputs, @apathetichell! I will keep this in mind and hopefully I will have a workaround for the text file. Thanks a lot!