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Action Tool updating number of Tiles in Tile Tool

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Hi All, 


I'm trying to deal with following problem - I want to split incoming stream into number of columns, where said number depends on the number of rows, 


So I thought that Tile tool will do the job, but number of incoming rows is dynamic,


 Part of the workflowPart of the workflow


So I thought that Action tool will do the job via update value option set to update number of tiles:


Action tool configurationAction tool configuration

Number comming down from Dropdown tool is correct but somehow it cannot change Number of tiles,



I'd really appreciate any input on this one, Thank you in advance


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ACE Emeritus

Hi @Ukashi when working with the interface tools you are not supposed to have any pre-processing within the same workflow. In your example you have performed a count records and dynamic rename before connecting this to the tile tool.


However the input to the tile tool is taken when you hit run, and therefor this pre-processing has not occured.


There is definitely ways around this but could you please share some sample data and the rule that you want to apply to dermaine the number of columns.



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i'm not sure i follow why the tile tool (alone) doesn't give you what you need. have you tried the 'Unique Value' method? depending on what your incoming data is like, and the fields that define your tiles, 'Tile_Num' will be your new column header and 'Tile_SequenceNum' is your row id. assuming you plan to pass your data into a cross tab then the config would look something like this:


Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 1.45.29 PM.png


again, i may not understand exactly what you're trying to accomplish, so feel free to totally disregard my response.

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Thank you guys for quick response.


As for what I'm trying to achieve:

1. I'm reading data from the database. What is read is table with witdth of 20 columns and one or more rows

2. during the workflow I'm transposing the table so I have just two columns and 20 times (number or rows read from database)

3. I'm grouping the data using the Tile Tool so I can cross tab them and get the table with 20 rows and as many columns as rows read from the database originally.


Before running the workflow I do not know how many rows will be read from database so that is the reason I'm trying to count number of rows and pass it to the Tile tool



to give you an idea please see below screen shots in this example we are reading from db 4 rows and 6 columns:




Hope that my commenst are making my purpose a bit more clear.


@BenMossI'd like to hear on workarounds you mentioned if you think that they are relevant.


@GarthMilesI think that I'll look at the unique tile method - I can try to use it on row ID thank you for idea.


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like this, @Ukashi?

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That is right, this solution will work :)

CHanging order of Transpose and RowID works like charm :)


Thank you very much.

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@BenMossthank you for your explanation - I'm still learning my ropes in terms of applicatons and your comment gives me better understanding what I can do and what is not possible :)