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Teradata "use in workflow" loads wrong driver 16.10, need 16.20

10 - Fireball

When I click the 'Use in Workflow' on a Teradata table, Alteryx opens with an input tool using driver 16.10. All our machines were upgraded to 16.20 recently and the old one removed.


Where is the configuration that needs to change so input tool will use 16.20?


Thanks (again)






Hi @hroderick-thr ,


you can change the driver version in file "TeradataWithADSupport_workflow_template.vm" usually located in "C:\Program Files\AlteryxConnect\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes\vm\designer_templates"

There should not be needed to restart connect instance, and itshould work instantly.

I suggest to use some reliable text editor like notepad++.

The value should be preserved until next connect upgrade. Should not be reverted by connect service restart.



Hope it help, and have a great day.



10 - Fireball

That worked perfectly @PetrH  and thanks for the warning about preserving when upgrading.

The solution provides the capability to fully customize input tool integration for our company.