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Connect Server and Alteryx Server

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hello everyone! 


I was hoping to reach out and get some clarification. I was told once upon a time that the Connect server and Gallery server needed to live on different machines, however recently I was having a conversation with someone that said that they can be installed on the same instance but you have to do some changes to the port numbers or something like that? Is anyone familiar with this process and could help me out? 


Thank you,



Treyson Marks
Managing Partner
DCG Analytics

Hi Treyson,


technically there shouldn't be reason why they both couldn't run on the same machine. They both are, at the end, just a processes running on a windows machine. 

What needs to be realised is that both are web servers, so by default they both will be trying to run on port 80 (or 443 in case of https). Therefore at least one of them have to run on a different port. 

And since you probably don't want to force users to type a port number into the URL, you would need to set up a reverse proxy server, that would handle the URLs, e.g. in a way that "http://myserver" goes to Connect and "http://myserver/gallery" goes to gallery. Or maybe 3rd domain could be better, like "http://gallery.myserver" and "http://connect.myserver".

Plus you need to have in mind that both Connect and Server have their own HW requirement, which you need to combine, otherwise they both will have not enough memory or CPU.

Basically, since Server and Connect are two different application and it is best practise to not run two different applications on one server, we recommend to use a dedicated machine for each of them. 

Vojta T., PM for Data Connectors
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It is unsupported and untested to run both on the same machine. Also, keep in mind that both Server and Connect check for per-core license compliance, and unless you were using fewer cores than you were entitled to per each respective license, you'd receive out-of-compliance messages on both. As Vojtech mentioned, it is technically possible, and our own SE's do it for demo purposes, but should not be done in production.

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There seems to be conflicting solutions accepted. Is it possible to get some more clarification? Theoretically, nothing is impossible.