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Limmitations of Code Tables (in Alteryx Connect)

6 - Meteoroid

Hi guys,


I'm interested in using the Connect to store, update and use a finit lists of possible values (eg. list of possible screw types produced by a specific company) in a large volume (I guess the best way to do it is to use the Code Table and Code Table Value types), and I'm wondering if there is any limmitations of this approach - such as the level of hierarchy, count of rows or lists, values itself, loading (updating) process, decreasing speed with an increasing number of rows etc.


I was't capable to test everything and haven't found such information about using Code Table and Code Table Values and Connect, co I'm asking this (quite likely) stupid and too general question.


I'm sorry for stealing your time and would be glad for any piece of information.

Thank you so much.


Hi @Kudrnac ,


there is no hard limit implemented, i.e. Connect should never tell you anything like "You have reached maximum of 1000 inputs". 

BUT your case is not what this feature has been build for. That means you will hit some limit at some point, mostly because the way how the code-table is done is that all the records are serialised into one field in the db. And such field of course has its limit of size. Plus while the number of records will grow, the work with them will become extremely ineffective since for every field, Connect needs to read the whole list to extract one field. 

This way it is super fast for the case it is build for - to have tens to hundreds records. But once you start to put thousands or even more there, it will stop to work in a timely manner. And at some point you will not be able to add anything. Such number of course depends even on the length of names of the records as the total size in kB matters. 

Vojta T., PM for Data Connectors & Connect
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6 - Meteoroid

Thank you @VojtechT!


That is exactly what I wanted to know :-).