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How can I load metadata into Alteryx Connect from HP Vertica?




There is no name of HP Vertica on available list of Alteryx Connect.


Is there someone to have a solution of load metadata from HP Vertica?


If there is no solution, I would be grateful if Alteryx could release a metadata loader of HP Vertica soon.



Best regards,



Hello Sean,


Alteryx Connect uses Designer to load the metadata into Connect.  HP Vertica is not a validated data source but our Connect team are consistently adding new connectors.  I am sadly not in a position to say whether HP Vertica are on the road map. 


I would suggest posting it on the ideas page so that the product team have more visibility of it.


There is a Connect Metadata Loader SDK if you are interested: 


Hello Nick


Thank you for your reply.


I'm going to do PoC of Connect in a few months, so I'm looking for a solution of it ASAP.

But I think it is hard to resolve in a short term.


I'll post my favor on the ideas page and I consider about SDK at the same time.



Best regards,