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Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security with Alteryx Connect

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Hey All, 


Is it possible to setup HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) for Alteryx Connect?  If so, does any online documentation exist? 




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Hello, Sean


To enable HSTS, you typically need to modify the server configuration or add specific headers to the HTTP response. Here are the general steps: 

If the server configuration doesn't have a specific option for HSTS, you might need to manually set the HSTS header in the server's response. This can usually be done by modifying the server configuration files or using additional server modules or plugins.

The specific steps for implementing HSTS can vary depending on the web server software being used (e.g., Apache, Nginx, IIS). It's recommended to consult the documentation or resources specific to the web server software you are using in conjunction with Alteryx Connect. survey



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