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Lost Alteryx Connect Admin User

7 - Meteor

HI, I lost the Alteryx Connect admin user and password and it is not based on the AD Users and Groups is there any way to create another admin ? 


Best Regards, 


8 - Asteroid

Hi Eric,


I think I already know the answers but, short of doing a reinstall...


  1. do you have a named admin who can login and access the Administration Console? From there, you'd go to Password Settings and change the Admin Password. If that is not an option...
  2. Is there a chance that the H2 Password is the same as the Admin Password? If so, you can find the H2 password by doing the following:
    • RDP into the Connect server
    • Locate the '' file (typically in [installation path]\ac_work
    • open with Notepad and you'll see the db password



7 - Meteor

I did a reinstall in the mean time.. 

So I did not get to try the H2 password, but it is great to know! 


Thank you!


Hi in case that password for admin is not the same with database password, there is still chance to reset admin password to default.

But im must be done in database (so the database console needs to be enabled) This can be done by truncating table STD_XFORMS.SUPERADMIN. (delete all records) than the default password would be again Conn3ct!