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Every day, hundreds of users go out of their way to provide valuable insights and expertise in the community — and it's important that we highlight those folks who go above and beyond in their approach to offer support.


Welcome to this month’s edition of the Top Contributors blog. Where each month, the Alteryx community team celebrates and thanks the top community members who have demonstrated a true commitment to helping the community thrive!


*click on the links below to see how each member went above and beyond. 😊


Top Solution Authors | Problem Solvers





  1. @Qiu – 94 Solutions (Automate Data Standardizing Solution)

The solution Qiu provided automates the standardizing and cleansing process of removing client specific data in the data sets. Keep an eye out on the weekly challenges as this conundrum could be featured.


  1. @Emil_Kos  – 75 Solutions (Convert date from number string to date format and check if the date is valid)

Emil_kos’s helpful response includes a screenshot of the tool configuration, formula used, and .yxmd file for all to use.


  1. @afv2688 – 58 Solutions (Apply header from one file to another date file)

Despite having different versions of Alteryx, afv2688 was able to provide a workflow that uses a txt to read flat files and changes the length, data type, and column names based on the input of the 2nd file – very cool!


Most Threads Started | Conversation Starters





1. @SH_94  – 87 Threads Started (Filtering only figures from the data) 

Jcsh_66 is ramping up to become an expert! Check out the post above and learn how to configure the filter tool (using regex) to remove spacing, empty columns, and wording to just produce figures – thank you to all the members who provided insight! 


2. @Jean-Balteryx  19 Threads Started (Mastery of the function – Length) 

New to functions? Check out Jean_balteryx’s article that will introduce you to functions in Alteryx and how you can use them in your next workflow. 


3. @Mina2021  – 14 Threads Started (Dynamically update a filter based on user selection)

Way to go! Thank you for jumping into the community, the threads you have asked are sure to help others with the same questions. Check out the link above, Mina is still looking for an answer... maybe Mina's fellow Top Contributors can help out? 🙂



Top Replies | Prolific Posters



  1. @Qiu  – 336 Replies (Lookup using dates across two sources)

If you’re having trouble with lookup’s, especially from two data sources, check out Qiu’s latest workflow. (.yxmd provided)  


  1. @Luke_C  – 250 Replies (Rent Amortization Table)

Need help populating out a rent schedule for multiple properties? Look no further! Luke_C provides detail notes on how to accomplish this and a workflow.


  1. @Emil_Kos  – 247 Replies (Dynamic Path Using ..\)

This awesome Marvel Team-Up between Emil_Kos, @danilang , and afv2688 provide insight to relative pathing and the share resources to get started.


Top Liked Authors | Peer Reviewed





  1. @Qiu  – 164 Likes (How to change format date)

Qiu, @AngelosPachis, and @danilang provide a detailed explanation, screenshots, and a formula you can use to change the format of a date from MM.DD.YYYY to MM.DD.YY.


  1. @MarqueeCrew  – 149 Likes (Watermarks & Arrows/Symbols)

Check out MarqueeCrew’s designer ideas on adding the ability to call-out via arrows/symbols and watermarks to make the workflow even more readable. GREAT IDEA!


  1. @Emil_Kos  – 135 Likes (String Format to remove last two records)

Emil_Kos and Luke_C provide both a Regex and no formula solution – check it out!


We also would like to acknowledge a few rising stars from around the community:


  • @marcusblackhill , from Brazil, addresses some common questions from around the community by selecting a random post and responding in a hands-on video. In his latest video, Marcus answers transforming data using crosstab from @c_raviram  and covers:
    • Crosstab and Transpose
    • Tile and Dynamic Rename to transform a table
    • Automatic renaming at the end of the workflow

Dúvidas Alteryx - Transformando dados com Crosstab


  • Another best-in-class contribution that caught our attention this month, was a response to a question from an Alteryx novice, @StephenXGraham , who was looking for some help to transition an existing process leveraging a 3rd party API to capture data, into Alteryx. The response from @jamielaird  not only answered the question, but he also truly went above and beyond in sharing what he knew with the community. Here are just a few things that stood out:
    • He included links to helpful resources across the community, Iterative Macro, Tool Mastery | Run Command, and beyond, Wait a Second macro which is part of the CReW macro pack.
    • He anticipated potential confusion points, and included pro tips and context — sharing advice that only someone whose used the tools over and over and over, would even think about.
    • He packaged up an example workflow, with detailed instructions on how to use it.
    • AND he included a flow chart!





Thank you to all of you for your contributions to the community (and if you didn't see your name in the highlights this time around, check out the leaderboard to see where you stand against your competition).  But really, just keep doing what you're doing because that's what makes our community so special! 


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @ChrisS 


Great post! The new formula of Top Contributors is fantastic. Highlighting the most valuable posts can bring many benefits as we will promote the best practices among the community users! I love it!


Congratulations to everyone that was mentioned in the post! It was a pleasure to read about it. I liked the part about the @jamielaird going the extra mile. The flow chart is so cool!

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

@SeanAdams started 155 threads in one month?! 🤔

11 - Bolide

Hi @ChrisS ,


Thank you so much for the post.



Hi @Qiu ,@Emil_Kos ,and @afv2688 


Thank you so much for the support and help when we have difficult on how to solve the issues in Alteryx.



Appreciate it a lot.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

This is such a great blog @ChrisS! Kudos to all these top contributors! Love cheering on this community from afar ❤️❤️

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Congrats to everyone!!!

@Qiu , you are a beast. You will be first in no time.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@Joe_Lipski  thank you for being my second pair of eyes!!! Fumble on the play! 🙃


@SeanAdams sorry didn't make the cut, it was a close one! 


On a serious note, it appears the recent restructure and redesign of the community caused a hiccup in our user metrics. To all the Top Contributors, it would be great if we could rally to help @Mina2021, who we unintentionally left out in round one, to get an answer to this question.


To all of the Alteryx community members, your support and contributions ABSOLUTELY make a difference! Keep on keepin’ on! 👏


Many thanks,


21 - Polaris
21 - Polaris

Always happy to help. 😁

21 - Polaris
21 - Polaris


Thank you for the kind words😁

12 - Quasar

Bravo, everyone.  These stats defy belief!