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It's finally time to get outside and enjoy some nice weather, as spring is in the air! Or summer, depending on the weather where you are. Things are blooming, and all the work that you did to prep your outdoor spaces is finally paying off and you can enjoy them now! It's a little bit like that in the Alteryx Community too.  May had a lot going on, and now that we're moving into the seasonal change, we can enjoy the fruits of our labors and get a chance to stop and smell the roses. Read on to see what you might have skipped over in all the hustle and bustle!




Need to Know 


This month our development team was focused on quality-of-life enhancements and bug fixes while also working through the beginning phases to an exciting set of coming updates. Notably, we’ve caught our missing Twitter icon and put it back on its perch next to LinkedIn and Instagram and hammered down the ‘Messages’ option in the user side menu as messages where previously it shifted between Articles, Ideas and Messages. Blogs on mobile was also having some issues with scrolling left to right being necessary to read articles, this has been fixed and we’ll be continuing to evaluate and update the mobile experience. 


We’re also excited to say that we’ve corrected the issue with the Top Solution Author stats on discussion boards, they should now be accurate and within the realm of reason.


Finally, we’ve completed the upgrade to a new forums version that will give the community a bit more versatility in how users post. This upgraded version also includes threaded forums so stay tuned as we work out when and where we’ll complete the update to threaded.  


We’re looking forward to many exciting projects though in the next few months, including an upgrade to our User Group boards. This update may cause some down time in that area of the community when being completed, so we’ll do our best to let you know well in advance when it will be occurring and what to expect. 




Community News 


I bet you can guess that the leading entry you may have missed is Inspire!  If you were without internet or not on the community (because that's about the only way you could have missed it) there was SO much great stuff in May. First stop if you want to catch up on all the great community activity from your peers is the Inspire Buzz.  We had great commentary from session participants, loads of fun engagement tasks, and great shares from so many of you in the community.  Our cup runneth over with all of the posts you made! 


So back to that hiding under a rock and missing Inspire during the live event.  There's no need to worry - you can head over to the Inspire site to watch many of the session on-demand! This is also a huge help for those of you that were in attendance; with so much great content, it can be hard to get it all in one sitting, so feel free to parse the sessions and see what you might have missed (or need to see again)! 


We also had some really incredible announcements at Inspire. From partnering with McLaren to our first ever Virtual Grand Prix (congrats @jarrod!), and even announcing our new SparkED program, there was something for absolutely everyone in the community to get excited about.  More details follow below, so make sure you check out all of the great releases that we had in our podcasts and blogs. 



Read and Listen 


Want to spend more time with your toes in the sand this summer, and less time with your fingers on the keyboard? May brought forth a slew of innovations, covered here on our Community blogs, that will help you do exactly that. Whether it’s Alteryx Machine Learning making predictive modeling immediately accessible for everyone, new Computer Vision tools that easily bring images into your workflows, chained app “sorcery,” or your ideas and updates that improve the Alteryx experience — our blog posts showcased them all. Plus, we introduced the new SparkED program, analyzed pay equity and debunked some data science myths. 


Sports are heating up, too! Two new blog post series launched in May: one that will keep us current on F1 racing and especially McLaren, celebrating the new Alteryx partnership with the team; and another on the wide variety of uses for analytics in sports. And, in case you missed it, learn more about our finalists and champion in our favorite sporting event of all, the Virtual Grand Prix at Inspire, plus more winners: the 2021 Excellence Awards recipients 


While you’re catching some rays, tune in to our podcast sound waves where we learned about the importance of diversity in tech, how data visualizations can lie or be misinterpreted, how a career change led one data scientist to influencer status, and how an Alteryx user found $5 million in savings for their organization.  


Subscribe on your favorite podcast app (you can even find us on YouTube!), and don’t forget to chime in on the Data Science Mixer “Cocktail Conversations” where we kick off an interesting discussion based on each episode. 



Final Thoughts 


Lots has happened over the last month, so if you think there's anything we left out, sound off in the comments below!  We love everyone in the community, and it's truly all of you that make it such a vibrant place to be.  The community is very much like the garden analogy used in the intro.  All of your contributions really help to plant the seeds that grow into ideas, information, and the relationships that are made here.  So, cheers to all of you in the community - it wouldn't be the same without you! 



Will Machin
Community Manager

Will runs community engagement programs for the Alteryx Community and wants to ensure that all members get the resources, activity, and information they need. He is always open to hear feedback and ideas and loves connecting with everyone in the community to strengthen relationships and build strong ties.

Will runs community engagement programs for the Alteryx Community and wants to ensure that all members get the resources, activity, and information they need. He is always open to hear feedback and ideas and loves connecting with everyone in the community to strengthen relationships and build strong ties.