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We’re excited to announce our latest release, Build Breakthroughs in 2021.2! 


Our Product & Engineering teams have worked hard to deliver a range of new tools and capabilities to supercharge your analytics and data science initiatives across the enterprise.


Read on to learn more about the updates and new features in the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform, including significant new capabilities for our easy-to-use Intelligence Suite for data science and machine learning, upgrades that will keep you hooked in Alteryx Designer and a whole new way to build more through our brand-new Platform SDK! 


Breakthrough Computer Vision Arrives in Intelligence Suite!


Delivering transformative outcomes through data science and machine learning is at the heart of the Alteryx Intelligence Suite experience. Since its launch in 2020, we’ve seen business leaders, analysts, and citizen data scientists take huge steps in upskilling their analytics with our no-code text mining and assisted modeling capabilities. Analysts are now building powerful machine learning processes directly within Alteryx Designer without having to master coding languages such as Python.


Over the last few months, we’ve added a wealth of new features to Intelligence Suite, including fully-automated machine learning (or AutoML), data health assessments, and industry leading feature engineering — all without requiring you to master a single line of code!


With 2021.2, we’re announcing the arrival of Computer Vision as a new category within Intelligence Suite — capable of analyzing data from multiple image and document types, including PDFs, JPGs, BMPs, and more!


With the new Image Processing Tool, data sources can be cleaned, transformed, and prepared for analysis: enabling organizations to extract value from even low-quality scans and pictures.


Finally, with Automatic Table Detection, it’s possible to quickly extract data at scale from complex PDFs like invoices, quotes, or bills (documents with multiple nested tables inside each document) and bring this data seamlessly into your Alteryx workflow.


Read more about the technology and steps behind computer vision and winning your day back with the Alteryx Intelligence Suite here


Stay in the Flow With Upgrades to the Interactive Results Grid in Alteryx Designer


We know that users absolutely LOVE the Interactive Results Grid functionality within Alteryx Designer — enabling analysts to become super productive as they explore, discover, and learn more about their datasets through this easy-to-use, interactive functionality within every workflow!


With Alteryx 2021.2, we’re adding new functionality to the Results Grid — not only will you be able to sort and filter your datasets; you can apply these changes with a single click into brand-new tools in your workflow!


With this new release, you’ll be able to make effortless data quality a reality with built-in Data Cleansing in the Interactive Results Grid! Fix issues with whitespace, missing values, and more, whilst never having to leave your data for a moment!


Build More with Alteryx: A Maker’s Dream!


Users across the world love the simplicity of the Alteryx platform, with over 260 low-code/no-code automation building blocks at their fingertips. Well, get ready, because building breakthroughs means that we’re about to unleash a new wave of innovation for a whole bunch of new capabilities!


Inside Alteryx Designer, 2021.2 features simple new ways to evolve your workflow into a macro: a repeatable building block of analytic processing logic that can be reused across any new project you create! Creating macros is an essential skill for Alteryx users who want to keep duplication of their analytic processes to a minimum and ensure that functionality can be reused as much as possible!


For more technically-minded users, we’re releasing a brand-new Platform Software Development Kit (SDK), featuring a complete overhaul of the developer kit to include popular modern technologies such as React, along with a simpler set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for developers to work with.


Our new SDK enables customers and third parties to build new data connectors to cloud-based, on-premises or, hybrid data sources, as well as create a rapid pathway for Alteryx innovators to build new functionality that can be seamlessly added to their APA workflows.


We’ve built this functionality to support entrepreneurs and “intrapreneurs” alike to publish, share, and monetize newly-developed capabilities as analytic products for wider distribution — let’s see what you can build, Alteryx Community! 

Upgrade to 2021.2 Today!


We want you to have the power of the process in your hands today! Don’t forget to upgrade to our latest release or get started with Alteryx through a free Designer trial!


To read more about new additions mentioned in this blog and more, head over to our Technical Documentation. We love hearing your thoughts and suggestions! Let us know what you think about this release or share your ideas on our Community Discussion Forums.


Want to Get a Sneak Peek at What’s Next?


If you’re a current customer, find out more about what new features we’re working on behind the scenes through our Public Preview Beta Program. You can now test all features in one Designer build and provide feedback directly to our Product Team.

suresh vittal
Chief Product Officer

Suresh is responsible for the strategic vision of Alteryx’s leading analytics and data science innovation, playing a critical role in setting the company’s product and cloud strategy.

Suresh is responsible for the strategic vision of Alteryx’s leading analytics and data science innovation, playing a critical role in setting the company’s product and cloud strategy.