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February flew by, and was truly an amazing month for us on the Alteryx Community. Even though it was a shorter month, we saw a massive increase in participation, and broke our best records. If you only knew what joy it brings us to see our community blossom! It certainly makes all of the hard at work behind the scenes worth it.


As our community continues to rapidly grow, we're continuously thinking about how we can provide you with a better experience. We kicked off the new year with a focus on making it easier to find content you are looking for (Version 2.3) and we're continuing on that trend with our second release of the year. Find out what's changed and improved below:


Community Restructure 

In an effort to simplify navigation and provide clearer paths to the numerous areas available, we've made several changes to the community structure:


My Accepted Solutions

Part of what makes our community so great is the high volume of available solutions, and the speed at which they are shared. Have you ever tried to find that one solution you had previously posted so you could reference it elsewhere? You'll now be able to find all previously shared solutions on the new My Accepted Solutions module on user profiles.



Product Ideas improvements

We've made several changes to the available statuses, product ideas submission guidelines, and tips for clarity:


  • Planned status has been changed to On the Roadmap
  • We have added a Partner Dependent status, because sometimes what sounds like a great idea depends on another party in order for us to implement the feature.
  • We've put more emphasis on the act of voting by giving Stars to ideas you support. Ideas with more votes will get our attention quicker. Once an Idea has gotten at least 10 votes, our product management team will respond accordingly. We often see great comments on ideas, but few votes - so don't forget to click that star!




Placeholders are left behind to help you find your way to content that has been moved to a more appropriate area by the community team.

These will now auto-expire and disappear after 7 days to help avoid clutter across the community.


Badges, Badges, Badges!

We introduced a couple of new badges this month, some time limited, and some you still have a chance to earn! Did you catch them all?



 i-am-going.png     LeapDay.png


We hope you'll enjoy these recent additions. As always we look forward to your feedback and don't hesitate to send us your suggestions for our community!