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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Alteryx Sr. Manager of Strategic Global Support, Cailin Swingle, is our guest host for this episode filled with fun and friendly banter with Alteryx enthusiasts from across the pond. She’s joined by Dan Hare, founder of Continuum Consulting in Jersey, and Shaan Mistry, Alteryx Product Manager of Technology Evangelism & Enablement. From thinking back on their Grand Prix adventure at Inspire 2018 in London, to having a chat about driving analytics transformation at organizations, these three are a hoot.


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Cailin, Dan, and Shaan: Reunited at Inspire 2019Cailin, Dan, and Shaan: Reunited at Inspire 2019

This episode of Alter Everything was produced by Maddie Johannsen (@MaddieJ).

11 - Bolide

Hi, everyone! I just listened to this episode and really enjoyed it. In many ways, this hits home for me right now as I have been trying hard to evangelize Alteryx within my company and it seems I get dead-ended a lot.


My background is as an IT professional dedicated to a Corporate Tax department. When other departments want to see the tool, I show them the type of things I have done for tax. People seem interested in the tool, but not enough to move forward at all.


What I can't figure out is if I am doing the right type of demo (is there such a thing). When you guys do demo's, how do you typically approach it? Do you show something in its completed format -- which may be good, but might be off-putting since seeing a lot of tools might be daunting, or do you ask for some of their data beforehand a build a demo live -- which has its own set of risks?


I feel as if my company can benefit greatly from Alteryx, but I am not sure I am getting the right impact from my demos. Any thoughts?





@MaddieJ - You asked for show suggestions, maybe one that has different options that were successful for evangelizing Alteryx within one's company?


@smoskowitz I'll reply, though I'm looking forward to hearing what @DanHare and @ShaanM or any other folks have to say. My best successes when I was a Sales Engineer (which it sounds like you sort of are needing to be, internally at least!) occurred right after I discovered a pain point for the person I was talking to. To really show them something meaningful in Alteryx they need to have a problem *in their mind* as you being to show them the solution, otherwise a fully built workflow is overwhelming or a step-by-step loses their interest. But if they are thinking of their problem and mentally applying your example to it...then you can get somewhere. To be clear, I did step-by-steps and whole overviews of completed workflows...both can work. Getting their data is great....but I'd say more from a perspective of your understanding of its structure/problems so as you show them your demo you can verbally connect to their data or use case (e.g. 'So this Join tool is where YOU would connect your excel sheet and your SQL database fields on customerID'). Good luck - I know you'll get some good ideas here. And as you know, it'll be worth it once you get through!


@smoskowitz , Completely get where you are coming from.
To some people in an organisation seeing a fully built magical workflow can sometimes be confusing on how it will work for what I do.
Maybe first identifying the ways you were working before and the technology used before. Were you using the same technology as the colleagues you are speaking to? If so show them the pain and address what you were doing before, and now show them what you achieved and why it is useful.

Talk through how you got started, but keep it more generic and focus on capabilities as @CailinS  mentions above.


I would say we (Alteryx) can also help paint the picture. I would reach out to your AE (account exec) and I am sure they would love to organise an overview of Alteryx and talk about other use cases that may resonate with your colleagues. This in-conjunction with your success story will be a powerful message.

Alteryx Certified Partner

@smoskowitz , just to complete the set, I agree with both @CailinS  and @ShaanM 's points - consultancy answer, it depends on the person.

Some people love to see their own data being transformed step by step (and I find that more fun), some people just want the answer.


However, for anyone to change there has to be a reason with urgency and budget - new requirement, new job, new leaver or unused licences (rare !).


I'd also love to hear a podcast analysing people's propensity to change existing processes from a psychological perspective - I'm scratching my head trying to work it out !

11 - Bolide





Thank you for your response. I'm not sure I'm there yet, but your input has certainly assisted in moving me in the right direction. I truly appreciate it.




Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@smoskowitz in response to your comment:


@MaddieJ - You asked for show suggestions, maybe one that has different options that were successful for evangelizing Alteryx within one's company?