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Alteryx for K-12: Lessons & Course Materials


Alteryx for K-12: Lessons & Course Materials

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Welcome to Alteryx for K-12!  We’re excited for you to start your analytics journey – and we can’t think of a better way than with Alteryx.


Below you will find a basic framework for our K-12 education program. The goal is to give students exposure to what makes data science so great; also, we want to empower educators and provide the same learning opportunities we give to even our most advanced customers.


We encourage all of you to become active members of our Community. Engage in Discussions, and please share the Impact Alteryx has made on you.  


Lesson 1: Getting Started


Lesson 2: Introduction - 50 minutes


Lesson 3: Start Alteryx Academy Guided Learning - 12 Hours of Instruction


Lesson 4: Fun Problems to Try Your New Skills - Weekly Challenges - 1-2 Hours Each


Lesson 5: Core Certification



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Thank you for the challenge suggestions, I'm always looking for fun ones to do!