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The Alteryx For Good program is currently being updated to better reflect our organizational values. Please be on the lookout for news regarding our new community presence in the future.

Tap Into Our Volunteer Network


What is Co-Lab?


The Alteryx for Good Co-Lab is a network of experienced Alteryx users that can help nonprofit organizations drive value across the constituencies they serve. The Co-Lab is stocked with volunteer experts who share your passion for doing good and stand ready to help you turn your nonprofit’s vision into reality. The best part? You can schedule as many sessions as you need!


How do I get started?


To get started, search our active list of volunteers to identify an individual with the subject matter expertise you need. 


I have identified a volunteer. Now what?


Once you identify a volunteer, schedule a meeting to discuss the problem you wish to solve. You will have an opportunity to meet your collaborator virtually or in person and understand more about their background, and determine if there is a good match between your needs and their capabilities and time commitment.


Your selected volunteer will walk you through the process, help scope the time needed for your project, and offer some initial suggestions on how to get started. This meeting can be via phone, Skype, or in person if geography matches. This is your chance to start developing your partnership for results.


You and your volunteer will agree on how to engage and partner through the duration of the project. The process should be collaborative as you identify solutions, discover trends, and gain insights into issues you are trying to solve. Your volunteer will stay engaged through process until your project is complete.


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Need more help? Reach out to our Alteryx for Good team and post a topic on our discussion board.