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bulk license

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My school has been using Alteryx for teaching since 2018. We have been granted bulk licenses to have the software available through our virtual platform since a number of our students use MAC. Now our license is expiring in early October. Email to the old address led me here. I filled out the form and got a license for myself. It would be fine to ask students to do the same if they have windows. However, we have MAC users. Would it be possible for bulk licenses to be issued to us like before? Otherwise, do you have any suggestions on how to deliver the same content to our MAC users?




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Hey @jieli 


I think the FAQ is really good here: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/AFG-Resources/ADAPT-Program-FAQ/ta-p/564368?_ga=2.34923047.76492276...


Especially this 



If this helps you, please mark solution as resolved so others can find it! 



Joshua Burkhow - Alteryx Ace | Global Alteryx Architect @PwC | Blogger @ AlterTricks
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Thanks Joshua. I don't think my question relates to the ADAPT program but the email address is helpful. I emailed them already. Hopefully somebody will reply. - Jie