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Women of Analytics | Who inspires you?

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Think about the Women of Analytics in your life -- the women you admire. A friend. A co-worker. A senior leader at your company.  @LDuane.  @LangleyE.  @LauraS.  Women’s History Month is an opportunity to celebrate these phenomenal women and all the others across the greater Alteryx Community -- to recognize their achievements in the analytics space, and to focus on what still needs to be done to achieve gender equality.


For this week’s Thursday Thought, let’s take the time to celebrate and support Women of Analytics across the globe!



Who are the Women of Analytics in your life that inspire you and why?


13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

There is a person on my team who has no background in analytics. She didn't go to college and has no formal training in any analytics tools. For years she was just stuck in excel and became quite good at handling and manipulating data. When we started our pilot, she saw me using Alteryx and was asking me about what it does. So I was showing her about how we were looking to use it and how it could be implemented. She asked about connecting to Excel and we went over to her desk and installed Alteryx and did a crash course. In a few days she had automated a huge part of her job (hours a week) and was just like, "I NEED MORE". So when the time came to implement Alteryx outside of the pilot environment she was one of the first candidates for a license. Since then she has done a lot of work with automating certain excel based processes as well as learned the basics of SQL and querying DBs. Recently, she used Alteryx to transform how our AR team looks at aged revenue in a way that no one had really ever seen. I would give her a shout out on here, but she doesn't have LinkedIn (We are working on building that personal brand). Her name is Shanalie Evans.


In general it's great when you are able to give anyone an opportunity and they can just latch on and run with it. However it's always inspiring to see someone who's gender under represented in an industry and just get into it. The other day she told me she would marry Alteryx if she could.

Treyson Marks
Managing Partner
DCG Analytics
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I'm extremely fortunate to be surrounded by many intelligent, driven women that have probably forgotten more about analytics than I'll ever know. Here are just a few:


@MaureenW - The open air concept of our office in Irvine, CA means that I get to hear bits and pieces of all kinds of conversations throughout the day. Some of my favorite are when Maureen is on the phone with a customer. Her immense knowledge of analytics and ability to articulate it in a way that helps our customers move their initiatives forward are incredible.


@TaraM - I'm running out of superlatives to describe Tara. Everything that she touches turns Alteryx blue. I would be lost without her analytical skills, design prowess, and steady personality. Not all of our customers know Tara, but they see her work each and every day when they open the Designer.


@AbbyH - She is smart, funny, and an analytical powerhouse. When I need insights, Abby is there. A large part of the success of any of my initiatives is derived from my ability to understand what is happening, how to interpret the data, and what decisions to make as a result. That doesn't happen as fast or as completely without Abby.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Climbing aboard the @TaraM train before seats fill up and I have to walk...


Tara's achievements in analytics can be found in every Designer workflow and nearly every page of our Community. Considering her contributions to our product help that I lean on so much, I'd say just about all of the work I do in Alteryx is at least a little inspired by her. Her creativity and dynamism has shone through an awe-inspiring 12 year tenure with Alteryx, and every day in the work we get to do with her. Consider me inspired.

Former Alteryx, Inc. Support Engineer, Community Data Architect, Data Scientist then Data Engineer
20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



How can I top @BrianO's response?  I give kudos to so many inspirational women (and men) at Alteryx.  My role model has and is still, Helen McMillan.  I recognize the efforts and achievements of those that contribute are equally important to those that lead.  Everyone should celebrate the success of the team.  Let's toast to respect and let gender be a demographic data element.




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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks, Brian. And I whole-heartedly agree with your nod to @TaraM and @Maureen. Being mentioned along side them is high praise indeed!


My own personal shout out to @LangleyE who has taught me an incredible amount about delivering meaningful business insights, @CailinS who is an ideal business partner and could probably run circles around me with her analysis if she got the chance to, and @JessicaP who I've shared not one but two awesome work experiences with who has made me a better analyst in countless ways. 

Abby Hazlett, PhD
Data Analyst, Customer Success
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I'm inspired everyday at Alteryx due to the fact that we have an amazing product built by talented individuals. We have come such a long way with our culture and product development methods that I must shout out to @AmyH and @LauraS who have built incredible teams and have had the foresight and acumen to position ourselves in a capacity to deliver quality products at a prolific pace. And since I mentioned quality, there are two super fly females that are the epitome of quality and innovation at Alteryx, @LindaT and @MelissaD, an architect and an engineer, respectfully, who operate with such mindful intention that they make you want to be better.

Tara McCoy
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

If you want to see the effect that @MargaritaW has on Alteryx, just try to talk with her at Inspire. I say "try", because you'll probably have a hard time finding her, surrounded by a crowd of Alteryx users and associates.


That's because Margarita embodies the spirit of customer service that Alteryx is all about. She's sharp as a tack, always warm, friendly, and helpful. And when she's not leading product trainings or running 5ks, she's hard at work as the heart of the Customer Support team: mentoring new-hires, managing all-star teams, and championing our customers' interests throughout Alteryx.


I know I can speak for all of us in Support when I say "thanks Margarita!" :)







Alex Koszycki
Program Manager, Community Platform
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I am touched and honored to have been mentioned here.  In terms of women who inspire me at Alteryx, I also have to mention @TaraM because I am amazed at her ability to reinvent herself for dynamic and interesting roles throughout her tenure at Alteryx.  I'd like to also mention @LonnieY who was an early mentor of mine at Alteryx and although we don't interact as much as we have in the past, she is an amazing resource for anything related to our 3rd party data.  I have also been immensely inspired by Catherine Shenk, a former employee, athletic hero and "hard as nails" superwoman.

Sr. Solutions Engineer
17 - Castor
17 - Castor

For me, I'm continually inspired when junior staff take their own development into their hands, and drive their own learning faster than I would have asked.   

One of these is a young lady who works in my team - she has been interested in data and BI for many months, and one day she came over to ask me to pull together a data-set for her - I opened up alteryx, and she led me through every table I needed, the fields and their meanings, the joins etc.


What's amazing about this is that this lady has had no training in SQL, or in our table structures, or how basic analytics worked.


When I asked about this - she said "there's no need to wait to be trained - I taught myself SQL online" and she's been actively interrogating our data and finding more interesting insights than several of the formally trained people in the team.


Irrespective of gender; background; origin; etc - it strikes me that the convergence of interest; drive; and opportunity is the magic formula - and it's incumbent on us to make sure that the talented and promising people in our teams (especially female talent which is so rare in computer-science or analytical roles) are allowed to explore and develop so that they can out-pace us in the near future.