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Women of Analytics

Celebrating International Women's Day 2018

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

As International Women's Day comes to an end, I'm elated to see the growing momentum to empower women and embrace diversity & inclusion in the workplace. 


While I was in intensive leadership training at our Broomfield office all week, I did manage to break away to join our yearly get-together to promote awareness and declare our own commitment to press for progress. I was also enlightened after attending an inspiring AMA session with our own CEO Dean Stoecker who voiced his embracement of women empowerment and the importance of fostering diversity, sharing the measures put in place within our organization to ensure equality and encouraging us all to take ownership in helping bridge existing gaps so we can collectively drive culture change.


#IWD2018 @ Alteryx Broomfield Tech Center#IWD2018 @ Alteryx Broomfield Tech Center#IWD2018 @ Alteryx Irvine Headquarters#IWD2018 @ Alteryx Irvine Headquarters

Great conversations were had and overheard about how we can continue to make an impact, whether it is recognizing achievements, providing opportunities for growth through mentorship and accelerated training, supporting new mothers in the workplace, appreciating men who champion change by stepping up besides women to drive action and take an active role in supporting their families.


Important questions were raised about how we can enable hiring managers to identify and avoid unconscious bias, how to work through the labyrinth of challenges we face, the need for flexibility to balance family, work and wellness and how we can promote inclusion. Several men who are fully supportive of the movement are still uncertain about how they can take an active role in making an meaningful impact.


With the launch of this new group, we deeply hope to keep these crucial conversations going so we can collectively find solutions and take action.


My spirit animal @TaraM even put together a few assets to help you share your own pledge to press for progress and keep the movement top of mind.


1920x1080 Desktop Wallpaper1920x1080 Desktop Wallpaper .       2880x1880 Desktop Wallpaper2880x1880 Desktop Wallpaper .    #PressforProgress Pledge Cards#PressforProgress Pledge Cards

How did YOU celebrate or help raise awareness today, whether in your workplace or in your personal life?

We'd love to hear how you are driving change and hope you had an inspiring 2018 International Women's Day!