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Share your ideas! - WoA Panel topics & questions

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Hey there WoA Community!


As we gear up for our next Women of Analytics panel, we wanted to take the opportunity to get some feedback on the topics/themes that are most important to you.


Our next panel will take place at the Inspire Europe 2019 conference  in London on October 16th. We are really looking forward to highlighting several extraordinary women with diverse career experiences & backgrounds on the panel again this year! We'll be sure to keep you posted on final speaker selection and other event related details right here in the WoA groupRegister for Inspire Europe.


In the meantime, whether you are attending the conference or not, we'd love to hear your ideas for topics/questions (for the upcoming panel and/or future Women of Analytics events).


Please share your ideas for WoA panel topics or questions by commenting below.


If you can't think of a particular topic or question, it would be great to get some insight on your personal experiences. Here are a few questions to help guide your contribution:

  • What do you hope to learn from attending a Women of Analytics panel?
  • If you've attended a previous panel, is there anything you wish we would have touched on that we didn't?
  • As a woman in the analytics/tech space, what challenges do you currently face?


Tagging in a few friends to help get the idea sharing started!




ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus
Love that we can influence the panel.

On that topic of influence can we ask the panel to describe how they have used influence during their careers. Examples please. When appropriate and when is it not?

I have more...

How do they build rapport within their businesses. Do they think it's important. (I know the answer to this but I would love to hear the debate)

Being in the analytical space, how often do you hear of female leads?

Many women are being recognised for their contributions these days but the organisational change is too slow to support having a gender balanced leadership team. How would you go about balancing the leadership teams / board?

Oooh I'm feeling deep tonight. I'll stop there and leave some room for others.


11 - Bolide

Thank you for tagging me @LeahK, here is what I would like to ask these amazing women:


If they could go back in time and offer some advice to themselves about their analytics career path, what would it be?





6 - Meteoroid

first I want to apologize for errors in writing. (I'm not fluent lol I love you Gogle!)


About the questions: i'm very happy to be here and descovery a new world for woman's like me.


1 - I try used influence, but was terrible. But Linkedin is a good solution and help me to have my job this moment. So I believe this is a way for us, woman, and  for everyone;

2 - I made a career change from academic to private business, both in Health Science. The rapports that I'm trying to create at this new moment in my life are based on three pillars: humility, caring and joy. I recognize that I have a lot to learn, but as a (still) teacher I have a lot to teach. And a smile is ever werlcome. = )

3 - In Brazil we don't have many female leads in the analytical space in private bunisses, but in scientific academic world I had master woman's e they area a inspiration. 

4 - The advice was: "try again. Try others ways. Only try and go! Be strong and brave. Don't look the advances of others for feel bad. Look and fell "I wil be there, someday! And don't  listen to those who hurt you. Envy is a present and hidden evil in people we least expect. Listen the people who say 'you can'." This is my advice for all young woman in analytics world.


Was very nice meet you girls. I hope someday to be like the dream that you inspire me here. Love you girls!Love you girls!

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

1. How did you come to a career in analytics? Was that always your path, or did you come into it in a more roundabout fashion?

2. Do you see a disparity in who is encouraged to pursue an analytics facing career?

3. What do you see driving us more towards an equalized culture of analytics?

Thanks for asking!!! As a panelist in Nashville, I was so moved by the impact we had, and the impact the other panelists had on me. 




5 - Atom

What are the most technical -> least technical roles in Analytics? What are the staples required to operate seamlessly in  each Analytics space/role? 

11 - Bolide

Hello and welcome @Ana_Bacellar ,


Did you know the Alteryx community has a portuguese version? Check it out:




Abraço e sucesso pra vc 😃


6 - Meteoroid

Yes, thanks. 


É que a comunidade só em português limita nossas trocas. 😃

11 - Bolide

Thank you for inviting me into the conversation, @LeahK!  I am looking forward to seeing so many of you in London!


Here are three ideas:


1. How do you build your analytics brand and help others to build their analytics brand?


As I develop analysts, one area that I find is important is helping the analysts who work for me or with me to build their personal brand. This really comes down to how you articulate the value of your contribution to the business and outside world. I would enjoy hearing how other panelists do this themselves and/or help others to do this.


2. What is your superpower?


This is a fun question to ask. What special sauce or gifts do you bring to your team and organization? We are all unique. And, sometimes we are so busy trying to "do the right thing" or be what others perceive we should be that we forget that we also have a unique contribution to make. I would ask each panelist, "What's your superpower?"


3. How have you been a mentor to other women in analytics?


Women in Analytics are often advised to find a mentor and how to use one. I would like to hear how panelists have been mentors and helped other women in analytics. How have you given back to the growth and development of other women? It would also be great to also explore the idea of mentors vs sponsors. If mentors advise you and sponsors advocate for you, how have you done each for other women?



I am looking forward to seeing so many friends at Inspire Europe in London -- and look forward to making new ones! Please say hello if you see me there. Let's continue to build this great community together!


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Thanks for the tag, @LeahK .

Here are a few thoughts:

Do you see cultural norms across Europe/various regions having an impact on women in the workplace?

What do companies need to do to become LEADERS in how they embrace analytics as an equalizer?